Michael Neerdaels, CEO

Mike began his career in trucking in the Green Bay area having worked for a number of large and national trucking companies before moving to Milwaukee where he began working for Custom Fleet.  He acquired Custom Fleet in 1999.

Jeffrey Santaga, President

Jeff represented Custom Fleet’s interests in his capacity as its corporate attorney prior to coming on board at Custom Fleet.

Linda Wild, CFO

Linda oversees the office and financial administration of Custom Fleet.

Andy Brunet, Operations Manager

Andy has been at Custom Fleet since 2003, beginning as a mechanic servicing all types of equipment and trucks.

David Wolf, 2nd Shift Supervisor

David Wolf began as a mechanic of Custom Fleet in 2008.

Brian Holmes, 3rd Shift Supervisor

Brian has been with Custom Fleet since 1998 and is one of our certified Transportation Refrigeration Specialists.

Alex Gunderson, Saturday Shift Supervisor

Alex has been with Custom Fleet since 2014.